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Magnetica Development

A mix of web agency and software house,
in Bergamo your landmark for web development.

Agency with experience in game development


Our activities do not stop with the creation of websites and mobile apps and e-commerce: we are a team of developers with cross-functional experience in the world of IT, graphics and the web. Our web and software development agency is experienced in new AR and VR technologies

Software house and web agency experienced in site and mobile application development


Our continuous research work on the latest technologies and hardware has led us to a well-established maturity in the area of programming, from classic software to the development of mobile apps and virtual and augmented reality applications.

Web and software development agency experienced in new AR and VR technologies


We employ the most advanced programming methods for building Android and iOS apps, with a modular working method that we are able to adapt to a wide variety of commercial and industrial environments. Our approach is based on flexibility and customization.

The strengths of our software house in Treviglio

Agile development of software and web solutions


Experience in different professional fields, seriousness and continuous evolution enable us to meet the needs of companies while always ensuring high quality.

Agency with fast development processes and direct communication


We adapt the content to the specificities of the chosen communication channel by leveraging the strengths and integrating them properly with your corporate language.

Small software house research and development of new technologies


Research, development and an eye for the latest innovations allow us to provide technologically advanced solutions in every field.

Feature driven development software house


System security, robust design, and agile development using Feature Driven Development methodology are our hallmarks.

A mix of web agency and software house, for over 25 years

With a dedicated focus on creating immersive games, cutting-edge mobile apps, and augmented and virtual reality solutions, we are committed to deliver products that capture the attention and meet the needs of our users.

Embracing the technological challenges of the digital age, we help you transform your business idea into an interactive reality in step with the times: welcome to Magnetica Development, the software house in the province of Bergamo where passion for innovation translates into extraordinary digital experiences.

Software and web applications agency - we operate in the provinces of Bergamo, Milan, Brescia, Cremona, Como, Lecco, Monza, Varese, Pavia and all the rest of Italy
Software and web applications agency - we operate in the provinces of Bergamo, Milan, Brescia, Cremona, Como, Lecco, Monza, Varese, Pavia and all the rest of Italy

Magnetica Lab, the kernel of our research

Investing in innovative hardware of all kinds has allowed us to be among the pioneers in the use of augmented reality through wearable viewers (headsets). The thirst for novelty and our desire to continually come up with something new that no one else can offer have been the foundation of Magnetica LAB.

Magnetica LAB is our hub of innovative platforms that can be customized according to specific customer needs. Continuously evolving software as a laboratory starting point for guaranteed business success.

App and web development: the uniqueness of our products

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