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Are you looking for new ways to innovate your business and engage your customers more?
Vuoi dare vita alle tue idee più audaci in un modo divertente e creativo?
Learn more about how we can help you create unforgettable digital experiences that will win the hearts and minds of your users.

Enter the world of gamification: from idea to project, we take care of creating video games and applications with gamification for PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone and web. Find out more!

What are the stages of developing a game?

Game design for pc, mac, android, ios, tablet and smartphone, iphone and ipad


Game development begins with your desires: starting with an idea, concept, or goal for you to achieve, we perform competitive research followed by a brainstorming session aimed at deciding, together with you, the type of video game to be developed.

Mobile game design for trade shows and events. Game development to increase visibility.


We create several paper storyboards, and after testing functionality we move on to the creation of a low-fidelity graphic elaboration. Once the layout is defined, this will form the basis of a high-fidelity elaborate and consequently the prototype.

Game development for Android and iOS cell phones

Coding and Testing

After validating the prototype, in video game development we move on to programming using the most appropriate technology to the type of application or video game to be developed.

Gamification solutions for entertainment, education marketing and sports


Depending on the type of game and the channel you want to use, we finally publish the application on the Reference Store. A video game or application that exploits gamification logic can be:

  • Compiled for later installation (Pc or Mac) by the user;

  • Published on the Android and iOS stores;

  • Uploaded to a server for online use via browser.


Be a programmer it's not enough to develop a game

Direct experience with the logic and mechanisms of games, as well as the way they have evolved over the decades, is important for developing compelling and engaging video games. It is not enough, therefore, to be good programmers: for these kinds of applications, it is also very important to know how to capture the user's attention, who must be enticed to continue the game and, once the session is over, to resume playing.

Experience as gamers goes hand in hand with experience as programmers: our team was founded in 1989 devoting itself to video game development, starting with F1 GP Circuits, for Amiga, Commodore 64 and Atari ST.


Some examples of our gaming applications

Are words not enough? Be convinced by some examples of gaming applications we have developed in our high-tech laboratories in Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo.

Software per preparazione altetica e sport gaming Creazione di giochi a premi con AR per fiere Sviluppo di giochi per smartphone e tablet Sviluppo di giochi gadget Inserimento della realtà aumentata a applicazioni e giochi Creazione e ideazione di giochi multiuitente Sviluppo mini-giochi stagionali per promozioni e fiere
Development of iOS and Android mobile applications. Creating games and apps with Augmented and Virtual Reality, web applications and software for Industry 4.0

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