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Arts and Culture

Is a meeting between technology and art possible?
We think so, and indeed believe that technology can indeed serve as a megaphone for culture: for many years now we have been supporting cultural organizations and entities in implementing innovative digital solutions within exhibitions, events, and interactive tours.

If you have a business in this area and would like to experiment with new experiences to increase the engagement of your visitors and increase your user base with immersive and engaging solutions, you are in the right place: with us you can make remote places close and cross the boundaries of time.

Technology solutions, interactive exhibits, VR training, digital education support and interactive entertainment

In which cultural sectors we operate

Tech and interactive solutions for exhibitions and museums. Creation of virtual environments for digital exhibits.


Exhibitions and interactive tours that allow users to view paintings, sculptures or temporary installations even remotely.
Giving accessibility to places that are difficult to reach, due to geographical features or mobility difficulties, for people such as the disabled and elderly.

VR fashion shows and Virtual Reality applied to fashion and design. Virtual Try-on development for clothes and objects


The ability to participate to a remote fashion show or view it via a VR Headset to get the feeling of actually being there. This is just one of the many approaches that new technologies can bring to fashion business.

VR software for training and education. Software development for digital teaching support. Digital solutions for school, sports and law enforcement.

School and Education

Technology is changing the education sector, providing advanced opportunities to enrich learning. The use of digital devices and online platforms allows students to access educational resources from anywhere, promoting flexibility in learning.

Digital entertainment with augmented reality and virtual reality games.


Technology has radically transformed the entertainment industry, offering more immersive and accessible experiences. Through streaming platforms, virtual reality and advanced graphics technologies, users can enjoy more immersive, personalized and usable content at all times, redefining the way we interact with movies, music, games and more.


This is the time to create new art forms.

With the ability to instantly transform any device into a 3D world in virtual reality (VR) or by overlaying digital content on top of reality (AR), new horizons can be explored with immersive experiences in entertainment, education, travel, work and play.

Development and creation of 3d environments and applications for art, sole and education, military training and fashion.

Some examples of our applications for culture

In practice, what can we accomplish? Here are some applications for art and culture that we have developed in our high-tech laboratories in Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo.

Development of iOS and Android mobile applications. Creating games and apps with Augmented and Virtual Reality, web applications and software for Industry 4.0

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