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All FAQs about Magnetica Development's services

Read answers to frequently asked questions about our services. If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please contact us.

  • Here are our development services: generic website development with Content Management System and catalog/e-commerce integration; integration of management systems with web interfaces and add-on modules (when there is a lack in your crm) with data synchronization; creation of admin areas for content management of mobile apps.

  • Web apps and mobile apps are both software designed to provide functionality and services to users, but while web apps can be accessed through a web browser from any device, mobile apps are specifically designed to run on smartphones and often offer a more personalized and mobile-optimized experience. Web apps require an Internet connection and can be accessed from any desktop or mobile browser, while native apps are downloaded and installed from an app store and their operation is subject to certain operating system and performance requirements.

  • Timelines can vary depending on several factors. Broadly speaking, development of a simple Web site (e.g., the typical corporate "showcase site") is completed in about 4 days, while a fully customized site can take up to a month to develop. The timeframe extends beyond a month if the site is to be linked to an existing CRM or management system, especially if there is no API to enable data exchange.

  • The development of a simple mobile app takes about 10 days of work. A simple app consists of the institutional sections, a contact form, a News section with an administrative area to manage them, and a possible static AR section that allows you to view content in augmented reality by targeting a marker.

  • We generally do not recommend the creation of a dedicated app if there is already a site overlapping with it in terms of functionality, because it would be unlikely to be approved by Apple and Google stores. However, we can support you in optimizing the mobile version of your site so that it is compatible with most mobile devices and complies with W3C standards as well as SEO.

  • The first step is to conduct a feasibility study, a thorough analysis of your project with the aim of assessing its feasibility before committing significant resources to its implementation. We will then propose any changes we deem necessary or advisable based on your goals and our experience, after which we will set to work with Figma to generate the flow and show you a prototype. Once the final flow for the entire application is approved, we will develop the app one module at a time in a mode called Feature Driven Development in which each module corresponds to precise functionality. This way of working allows us to optimize time and minimize the chance of error by submitting each module for your approval before moving on to the next module.

  • Yes. We collaborate with a bunch of graphic designers whom we select based on the type of request we receive from our clients; the graphics they develop will then be submitted to you for review. Alternatively, you can use, for both web and mobile apps, standard graphic templates which allow for minimal customization that we can perform in-house.

  • The more information you provide, the less time it will take to prepare a quote for you. Here is what we recommend you include in your request for an estimate:

    • the type of software you need (mobile app/web/AR/VR);
    • the content to be included in the software;
    • who will be in charge of creating the content;
    • who will be in charge of creating the graphic designe;
    • if the application is to be multilingual;
    • if you need an admin area to manage contents
    • if you need to get or send data to your CRM via API
    • how urgent it is;
    • your budget limit.
  • Yes. During the initial analysis we can divide the app and then develop its "core" (the features that are essential to you) trying to stay within a given budget and then go on to expand the app in the future when there is more budget available.

  • We always guarantee bug fixes in the first 6 months after release, but in order to offer a complete service we always offer a package of maintenance hours that the customer can use for any unforseen changes during development.

  • Yes, usually for web development we offer a hosting package that also includes a bunch of hours for support. The hours will be scaled if you ask us to make unplanned changes during development, for platform upgrades.

  • If the site has a CMS, we will provide you with login credentials with which you can edit the content to your liking. The same goes for applications with dynamic content that you can manage yourself.

  • For CRM integration with a web application, you can work outside the intranet having your management data always up-to-date, tending to have more intuitive and, above all, responsive graphics. In some cases, such as warehousing and logistics management, integration with a mobile application can be more convenient to manage for users who need to consult data using smartphones rather than desktop devices.

Request information for a PoC or write to us for a quote on mobile or web application development, AR/VR.

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