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Web application development, e-commerce and web interfaces

Looking for a web software development agency in Bergamo and province to design enterprise software or management software? We are the answer to all your needs: in fact, we deal with the design of applications and web interfaces for business software and management software that can interface with management software. A way to make data remotely accessible at any time and work with more flexibility.

Among our services you will also find ecommerce site development: find out how to bring your store online by developing an ad hoc platform that is functional, efficient and has a unique graphic identity.

Uniformity of the user interface

Easy updates


Less Dependence on Device Memory

Benefits of web-based app and management software development

  • Quickly updating content

    Using an administrative area and database tailored to your needs, you can update site content quickly and easily.

  • Accessibility

    A web software is accessible to everyone via a browser without having to download any programs to your device, and most importantly, it is free of additional licensing costs.

  • Versatility

    Each web application is created according to the canons of adaptability and recognizes the device on which it runs: thus, we can speak of multiplatform applications.

  • Cost-effectiveness in application management

    Thanks to the restricted area, content can be managed independently without the need for technical intervention by the web agency or external providers.

  • Scalability

    With web-based application development, additional functions can be integrated without necessarily having to modify existing functions or having to redo the entire application.

  • Visibility

    After the initial analysis work and architecture setup, content organization is done from an SEO perspective to ensure better search engine rankings.

  • Traceability

    Using a tracking software, user behavior can be analyzed by finding out which pages they lingered on the most or which content they clicked on the most.

Custom software development, tailor web applications

Some examples of web applications, e-commerce and web interfaces

Each project is a world of its own because it is developed on the functional and aesthetic needs of the individual client.See in the gallery some examples of web applications we have developed for our clients.

Download the brochure of G-Web, the software for food traceability, quality assurance, data sheet creation and maintenance management.


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