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Augmented and virtual reality are not only entertainment, but can also intervene in improving the efficiency of work processes and the quality of final products. One example?

The automotive industry: as the world of technology has evolved, the automotive industry has also been advancing at an incredible pace, and among our automotive applications are many that can achieve high production and quality goals.

Learn about all the advanced technologies you can implement in your company to make cars safer, more efficient, and more personalized thus meeting every customer need.

Automotive software development, 3d configurators for interior and exterior, driving simulations for cars and heavy vehicles.

Applications of our automotive software

Prototyping vehicles with the help of augmented or virtual reality


Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), allow prototypes to be previewed and vehicles to be configured before they are even built. This saves time and money by eliminating guesswork in design processes, as well as reducing the risks associated with building prototypes that may not work as expected, or at all!

Customization software for interiors and exteriors of cars motorcycles and trucks vehicles. 3D car configurator.


Automakers can start showing customers what it is like to sit inside a car before they even drive it.
Users will have the opportunity to try different seating options, change the colors of dashboards and seats, or see what their car would look like if they added an aftermarket spoiler or other exterior accessories.

Software development interface for sensors and IoT data collection on vehicles

Safety and viability

The low cost and increased speed of connectivity allows vehicles to communicate making the driving experience safer and simultaneously more relaxed. This lowers the rates of distraction or "blind spot" collisions.

Preventive and predictive maintenance software development


New technologies also come to the rescue in the after-sales phase, where increasingly advanced skills are required. Machine shops can take advantage of Augmented Reality to request competent technicians at the parent company to assist them in the most delicate stages of diagnosis, maintenance and configuration.


Automotive solutions for sellers and buyers.

New technologies make more efficient work for automotive operators while helping consumers decide what features they would like on their new vehicle without having to commit to the immediate purchase to make expensive customizations later.

Programming agency developing software for electric and motor vehicles. Software for monitoring, 3D configuration and driving simulation.

Some examples of software for the automotive industry

In practice, what can we achieve? Here are some automotive applications we have developed in our high-tech laboratories in Treviglio, in the province of Bergamo.

Development of iOS and Android mobile applications. Creating games and apps with Augmented and Virtual Reality, web applications and software for Industry 4.0

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