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Virtual world and
immersive experience development

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Creating virtual experiences and 3D worlds for shows, events, meetings, trade shows and games

The past decade has seen a proliferation of virtual reality and related technologies.

This new technology is being used by many people to connect with others in ways that were not possible before. The evolution of virtual reality has led to the emergence of these types of solutions by offering the possibility of real-time interaction between users.

Tailor your approach to customers according to their needs to provide them an experience that is both new and familiar.

Immersive User Experience

Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

Virtual Economy and Online Commerce

Virtual Events and Entertainment

We provide consulting to those who want to offer their services on (and in) the metaverse

Years of experience in virtual reality and interactive experiences. We can help you set up your environment, including meeting rooms, exhibitions, parties, or new product presentations. Our services include:

  • POC looking for the most suitable solution among existing ones and a customized solution

  • Virtual environments for meetings, show or events

  • Manage event enrollment and attendance

Development and consulting on virtual worlds, VR meeting, virtual realtime reality

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